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Led by an experienced team with

client-side and agency backgrounds,

our expertise lies in brand marketing

with specialisms in strategy, category mapping, insight generation, new brand development and design.


As a true end-to-end service provider we have the ability to bridge the gap between strategy and execution and to put products on shelves. We work across every stage of the innovation and brand development process.


Based in the UK we have global experience and reach, delivering projects on every continent.

Our clients are diverse, ranging from startups to some of the world’s most recognised drinks brands.

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Leading Innovation for some of the largest companies in the World.

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GRAEME STRACHAN Brand Development


Fritz, Graeme and Dan lead all R&B’s projects. To deliver packaging and other design

based work we are ably supported by a tight-knit network of associates.

This gives us the flexibility to match the challenge to the resource on a case by case basis.

Dan - Twenty years experience across a broad array of innovation processes, styles and projects. Dan has worked across FMCG categories in key markets around the world.

Fritz - A marketing strategist of over twenty-five years’ experience. As the global director for the Bacardi brand he worked out of Miami and London before becoming a partner in a design and innovation agency.

Graeme - A specialist in concept creation and a drinks marketer with over twenty-two years cross category experience as well as holding a diploma in wines and spirits that brings in depth knowledge of liquid production.

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GRAEME STRACHAN Brand Development

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A strong team
plays any system

Category lies at the
centre of creativity

Distinctive products underpin
standout brands

We adapt our ways of working (process/ tools) to whatever’s needed. We bring the brains, experience and will to succeed.

We look for ways in which a brand in a given situation can uncover new avenues to

growth, by re-framing/disrupting categories.

In our book, long-term category relevance and distinction is built on a foundation of product differentiation.

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Innovation is execution. Strategy, insight and ideas are fruitless pursuits if not successfully translated into executions that convert customers in the real world.

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R&B applies expertise in strategy, innovation and design to create and grow beverage brands globally. We like to think that we’re open, flexible and agile.

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We can work quickly and

autonomously if that’s

what you need.

Or we can step in and

help out at any stage of

the innovation journey.

We can support you

in your own process


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Here is how to reach us

Graeme Strachan


Tel: +44 (0)7931 359 027


Dan Read


Tel: +44 (0)7734 919 083


Fritz Grunefeld


Tel: +44 (0)7885 606 333

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